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Bobcat TL3870 U10B1-08 Error Code

U10B1-08 Fault Code Meaning :

Left Joystick Grip Message Failure

U10B1-08 Error Code

Left Joystick Grip Message Failure is the main cause of U10B1-08 error.U10B1-08 code needs proper lubrication of your transmission's moving parts, it's important to always drive with the right amount of clean fluid. It's good practice to periodically scan over the ground where your truck has been parked and check for signs of fluid leaks.

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Tip For TL3870 Model

If the engine stops, the boom / bucket (attachments) can be lowered to the ground using hydraulic pressure in the accumulator.

The control console must be in the locked down position, and the key switch in the ON position.

Use the control lever to lower the boom.

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