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Bobcat TL3870 M4722 Error Code

M4722 Fault Code Meaning :

8 Volt Sensor Supply Out Of Range Low

Sensor Supply OORL

8 Volt Sensor Supply Out Of Range Low

8V Sensor Supply Out of Range Low

M4722 Error Code

8V Sensor Supply Out of Range Low is the main cause of M4722 error.After seeing this code please, record of service logs, giving you a visualization of completed service and helping you avoid overlooked or repeated repairs. This is especially important for cost savings on repairs for vehicles like dump trucks, where repeated issues with certain components might be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

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Tip For TL3870 Model

The lifting capacities were calculated with a Standard Configuration Machine (machine equipped with a pin-on interface and no attachment). The weight of the attachment, hydraulic clamp (if equipped) and different interface must be subtracted from the lift capacity, to obtain the actual lift capacity.

For bucket weights, see your Bobcat dealer. For attachment weights, see the attachment Operation & Maintenance Manual.

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